BNP councillor joins the National Front

October 6, 2010

I was elected in 2007 as a parish councillor for the British National Party, for the Bilton & Ainsty with Bickerton Ward of Harrogate Borough council.

I have made the decision to join the NF as the only viable alternative for Real Nationalism in Britain today. I will strive to serve the party to the best of my ability to ensure an end to political correctness and to make sure that British people are put first . I look forward to meeting both new and old comrade’s in the continuing struggle to liberate our Race & Nation

Councillor Sam Clayton

National Front 2010

Asian paedophilia in Northern England worsens

September 18, 2010

A MAN aged 21 persuaded a 13-year-old girl to have sex with him at a play area and in the bushes at Clifton Park on Saturday nights, a court heard.

The girl, who cannot be named, told a jury at Sheffield Crown Court she didn’t like having sex in public through fear of being caught, but was persuaded by Mohammed Zafran Ramzan – who told her nobody would catch them in the evening.

The girl said she would speak to ‘Zaf’ during the week and then meet him at Clifton Park on a Saturday evening. She added they had sex twice on the zip line on the kids’ play park and once near the park’s maze.

Seven other men are also standing trial for a total of 23 charges, including rape, sexual activity with a child, and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

The court heard the allegations concern three 13-year-old girls and one aged 16.

Sarah Wright, prosecuting, told the jury on one occasion Saeed Hussain, 29, threatened to kill one of the younger girls if she didn’t perform a sex act on a friend. On another occasion Mohsin Khan, 21, and Shazad Akbar, 23, together raped the 16-year-old.

Brothers Umar Razaq, 24, and Razwan Razaq, 30, both of Oxford Street, Clifton, Rotherham; Mohammed Zafran Ramzan, of Broom Grove, Broom; Mohsin Khan, of Haworth Crescent, Moorgate; Shazad Akbar, of Shirecliffe Lane, Shirecliffe, Sheffield; Saeed Hussain, 29, of Hatherley Road, Eastwood; Adil Hussain, 20, of Nelson Street, Rotherham, and Shalzaad Hussain, 22, of Clough Road, Masbrough, deny all charges.

The trial continues.

National Front 2010

The Forum is back

September 18, 2010

The forum for National Front members is finally back online. It can be accessed at Registration is required and there may be a short delay before your account is activated and you recieve a verification email.

The link on the right has been amended to reflect the correct URL.

National Front 2010

14 year old beaten with bottles and bats.

August 14, 2010

News from South West England..

A 14 YEAR-OLD boy has been left with serious head injuries after he was allegedly attacked by a gang of men in Barton.

The teenager, from Lydney, suffered the horrific injuries as he left Europe Food, in Barton Street, at around 5.30pm on Wednesday.

It is alleged between seven and nine Asian males were involved in a vicious assault and that a bat, bottle and golf club were used.

A 37-year-old man from Gloucester was arrested on Wednesday night on suspicion of grievous bodily harm in connection with the incident. He is currently being questioned by police.

The victim was taken to hospital following the incident with serious but not life-threatening injuries. He was still in hospital at the time of going to press.

Gloucester city councillor Usman Bhaimia (Lib Dem. Barton) has admitted this incident reflects badly on the Barton area.

He said: “As the councillor for the area I really do hang my head at this. It is a horrible incident, I was told that there had been some problem in Barton Street. It really shouldn’t happen in today’s society.

“This isn’t a one off for Barton either. I know of an assault a few months ago. I have been onto police to step up patrols in the area so hopefully now they will.”

Gloucester Chief Inspector Rich Burge said: “We understand residents will be shocked and concerned by this incident so neighbourhood officers will be keeping a high presence in the area and seeking to provide reassurance and answer any queries local people may have.

“I would also like to reassure the community this type of incident will not be tolerated and we are determined to find the offenders.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who has any information and has not yet spoken to police, should call 0845 090 1234 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting incident 367 of August 11.

National Front 2010

If you are in the BNP, here is a message from The National Front.

June 7, 2010

Let us start with a basic premise. Great Britain is dying. There is no exclamation after that statement as it now must be obvious to all but the most blatant Marxists and Multiracialists.

Before our very eyes, we can see our Nation and our Race in its death agonies. Rootless people with no recognition of a heritage or an identity flood the streets in our towns and cities. Over all sits the not so Hidden Hand of the New World Order, successfully pursuing its now foreseeable and evil aim of a One World State in which EVERY nation including our own is enslaved and all races merged forcibly into one big coffee coloured humanity. If that premise is accepted, and it must be by any thinking patriot then as Nationalists we are left with only a few choices.

Give up and let our Race and Nation go to the dogs as it doing so rapidly. Try and work within the rotten and corrupt System and change it, with the very real possibility that we ourselves, once free thinking White men and women, will become through constant compromise to the forces of Internationalism, at one with them, the enemy we despise. Compromising our principles for short term gain is a deadly and dangerous road go down. The gains are short lived as the latest election has just shown all too starkly and we risk selling our souls to the very Devil we are fighting.

Lastly we can FIGHT! We can fight as our ancestors have always done, this massive invasion of our country and this destruction of our folk and land.

If we accept that the last answer – to fight long and hard and with every fibre in our bodies against what is happening then the question becomes not WHY but HOW? The answer is to organise ourselves. This the National Front has been doing since its inception in 1967. We organise; we demonstrate; we propagate our Nationalists ideas through literature and the Internet; we stand in elections both local and national – in short we try by every legal means possible to win over the hearts and minds of the native British people to the Cause of British Nationalism

Many of us in the NF – perhaps the majority of our hundreds of members have been at some time members of your party – the BNP. Indeed, the writer of this current article was a founder member of the BNP as well as being a founder member of the National Front way back in 1967. Many other NF members ( and BNP members) have also given decades of their lives to this Cause.

Why should you leave the BNP – and here I am on dangerous ground! Am I trying to split the BNP? Am I poaching members from the BNP for the NF. No I am not trying to split the BNP – it is doing that quite well without my help! Yes of course I am trying to poach members – but not all members – from the BNP because I believe quite firmly that if and when (and if seems to be only a matter of time) – they leave the BNP, then if they do not know of the National Front’s welcoming mat then they may well be lost to this vital fight forever and live out their lives embittered and disillusioned by the men who have ruined what was once a great party.

The most direct answers for you leaving the BNP are simple ones. It’s leadership is morally bankrupt and seems to be running the BNP as a mercantile operation, purely a vehicle for fund-raising for person or persons both known and unknown. Secondly it has jettisoned so many of its core founding principles that is no longer White Nationalist, no longer British Nationalist, and has become just another part of a System which it was founded and built to fight.

Reasons for not leaving tend to be that members have been in it a long time and have given a lot of time and effort which they do not want to see going to waste. Well my BNP friends – it has gone to waste and whatever else you put in will go to waste too. Or the other two pat answers for staying in of what most of us can quite clearly see is a doomed vessel heading for the rocks – are these:- “Something will turn up, we can change the Leadership” and “The BNP is the only show in town”.

How many tries have there been to change the leadership and just how hard if not impossible does the new BNP Constitution written by just one man as a permanent sinecure for himself, will it be to change the leadership of the BNP? The answer is IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to change the leadership of the BNP. Even the arch traitor and Marxist Gordon Brown had the good grace to go when Labour crashed down in defeat at the last election but no, not this BNP leader. Wrecked after a disaster of an election, the man blames, threatens and expels everyone but himself.

Reasons why BNP members seem to be reluctant to join the Front? Its too extreme. Is it? The NF’s policies are EXACTLY the same as the BNP ones were before they started being changed after John Tyndall was illegally expelled in 1999. Its got a “bad” name. Has it? The NF name is known as equally well as the BNP’s. In the end the name of the National Front is worth its weight in gold in propaganda terms. The NF is sometimes thought of as ‘Neo-Nazi’ – in truth, the BNP gets this same label all the time no matter what policies it drops or no matter how much it panders up to Britain and the Jewish Board of puties!

The National Front is a “Broad Church” movement. This means it is a Movement for ALL patriots, from hard-line White Nationalists through British Nationalists to Powellites – it encompasses all shades of patriotic opinion – all it asks of its members is that they believe in our basic principles of Race and Nation.

The BNP we do not want? We don’t want the time wasters. We don’t want those who blow with the wind when the going gets tough. We don’t want the “Civic Nationalists” with their ignorance of Race and the vital part it plays in this Struggle. We DO want those BNP members – the great majority – who are sick of financial double dealing; proscriptions and witch hunts; expulsions and character assassination when they cross the inept leadership.

The Front is for every White Patriot in this land who truly believes in his or her Race and Nation – stop making excuses and join the National Front today!

Eddy Morrison, National Front (2010)

Black rapists film their brutal attack on woman

May 17, 2010

TWO vicious thugs filmed each other as they took turns to brutally rape a terrified woman. The 22-year-old victim was threatened with being doused in lighter fuel and set alight.

Her nightmare, during which she was forced to commit a sex act on herself, began when she visited a friend in Sutton, Surrey. The two men were already there and punched and bullied her into submission. They filmed her ordeal with mobile phone cameras.

As a nationwide hunt began for two Afro-Caribbean suspects, a police source said: “It is hard to understand how anyone could behave in this way. They recorded it to worsen her suffering.”

Read More.

National Front 2010

Cameron: ‘I will empower UK Jews’

April 22, 2010

David Cameron this week insisted a Conservative government would do “much more to protect and empower the Jewish community” and described learning about his Jewish ancestors as one of the highlights of his year.

The Conservative leader’s comments came in a message to members of the Movement for Reform Judaism, which he used to make pledges on tackling anti-Semitism and education and to appeal for the support of community members in the upcoming election.

Cameron said: “To me, one of the biggest contributions of Judaism is its understanding of what makes a responsible society. Last summer, I gave a speech to Jewish Care where I talked about this idea. I quoted a phrase of Rabbi Hillel’s which I think captures it beautifully: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I?” That urgent, selfless moral compulsion to change the world for the better is right at the heart of the Jewish way of life. If I become Prime Minister, I want to see that idea of responsibility extend right across our society.

“A key part of that will be about building a stronger, more cohesive society – and that means doing much more to tackle the rise in anti-Semitism. I was appalled when the Community Security Trust told me that there were more anti-Semitic incidents in the first half of 2009 than in the whole of any previous year. We need big changes to root out this extremism – stopping preachers of hate from entering this country, banning those extremist groups who are already here, and doing much more to tackle radicalisation in our universities.”

The man hoping to succeed Gordon Brown as prime minister also touched on a prominent theme of the party’s platform. “I want to build a bigger society,” he said: “And we can’t do that without backing faith-based organisations in the good work that they do. Take faith schools, for example. They are a really important part of our education system and often have a culture and ethos which helps to drive up standards. Through our school reform plans, there will be a real growth in new good school places, and I’m sure some of these will be in faith schools.”

Cameron also spoke of learning about his ancestors, the Levitas, as a personal highlight. He said: “I am a great admirer of the Jewish people and your extraordinary achievements. I’ve long seen your community as a shining light in our society.” Messages from Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg will be published in the Movement’s newsletter in the coming fortnight.


National Front 2010

National Front – General Election 2010

April 21, 2010

The following constituencies will now have General Election NF candidates on May 6th.

Tyneside North:
Bob Batten
Hull East: Joe Uttley
Bradford East: Gerry Robinson
Keighley: Steve Smith
Rochdale: Chris Jackson
Rossendale & Darwen: Kevin Bryan
Birmingham Erdington: T. Williams
Birmingham Yardley: Paul Morris
Dudley North: Kevin Inman
Montgomeryshire: Milton Ellis
Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner: Ian Edward
Uxbridge & South Ruislip: Frank McAllister
Hayes & Harlington: Andy Cripps
Tonbridge & Malling: Mike Easter
Maidstone & The Weald: Gary Butler
Faversham & Mid Kent: Graham Kemp
West Ham: To be advised

This list to be updated soon….

Vote National Front on May 6th

National Front 2010


April 17, 2010

The following comrades are standing in the local elections on May 6th 2010.

Birmingham (5 candidates)
Kingstanding: T Williams
Oscott: Keith Axon
Shard End: Mark Neary
Sheldon: Paul Morris
South Yardley: A Davidson

Dudley (2 candidates)
Gornal: Kevin Inman
Sedgley: Ade Woodhouse
North Tyneside (2 candidates)
Howdon: Bob Batten
Longbenton: Mark Nicholls

Newcastle (1 candidate)
Elswick: Simon Biggs

Hull (2 candidates)
Marfleet: Mike Cooper
Myton: Nick Walsh

Hillingdon (3 candidates)
Harefield: Ian Edward
South Ruislip: Frank McAllister
Barnhill: Andy Cripps

Amber Valley (1 candidate)
Langley Mill and Aldercar: Tim Knowles

Rossendale (1 candidate)
Irwell: Kevin Bryan

Shepwey North, Maidstone: Gary Butler

All nomination papers are in and have been accepted
More election news from the NF as it comes in….

National Front 2010


April 7, 2010

The busy Newcastle Branch of the National Front is experiencing a big surge in enquiries from all over the North-East. They URGENTLY need help with postage.

Can YOU help by sending in some stamps?.

Any amount from 1p to £10 would be greatly appreciated to help get out the stacks of enquiry packs which are going out constantly. This is an important appeal and even a few stamps will help:-
National Front
PO Box 1188,

National Front 2010