Now Terry Jones pulls out !!

December 15, 2010

It now appears that Dr Terry Jones will not be attending an event in the UK after all. It seems that following the EDL canceling his engagement and subsequent alterations to his international itinerary the UK will probably not feature in his list of engagements.
It is also suspected that diplomatic representations to the US may have had some bearing on him ‘changing his mind’.

National Front 2010

Dr Terry Jones accepts NF invitation

December 13, 2010

East Midlands National Front have just received a reply from Dr Terry Jones in which he expresses his delight at being invited to speak at an NF event.

National, local and regional organizers will be contacted and informed of full details in due course.

National Front 2010

NF invites Terry Jones as EDL backs out.

December 13, 2010

Andy Gray, East Mildands NF organizer has announced that following the utter cave in by the EDL and the withdrawal of their invitation to Pastor Terry Jones of the American Dove Outreach ministry to address an EDL event planned in Luton, the National Front have stepped into the gap and openly invited Jones to attend an event to be organized by the NF instead.

Details and confirmation pending.

Pro multi-cult EDL backs Down

National Front 2010

Lest we forget…..

November 10, 2010

Remember the fallen

This Sunday is remembrance Sunday.

The National Fronts march to the Cenotaph in London assembles at Bressenden Place Victoria at 2pm for a 2.30pm march off. Please try to attend. If you can’t then please attend your local memorial service………. and please, buy a poppy and wear it with pride.

National Front 2010

Fight for freedom of speech on NF web site !.

October 13, 2010

Dear Comrades,
You may be aware that most public libraries, mobile phone providers and some Internet Service Providers are denying access to the NF website. This is contrary to Article 10 of the European Human Rights Law which guarantees freedom of information.

The offenders are:
Government Departments

So far identified mobile companies – Virgin, O2, 3. Virgin and AOL have also banned mail outs of NF email such as NF News. Some ISP’s are also putting up warning messages saying the NF site is insecure and panicking people from accessing it.

The NF and all individuals who support free speech MUST act now in a concerted campaign to stop these unlawful bans. We need a mass press mail out. Representation to libraries and ISP providers and any other body breaking Article 10 of the EU Human Rights Law.

Point this out!.. We are a legally registered party! What they are doing is ILLEGAL.
Start the campaign now for freedom of access for the NF website

Thank you..

National Front Online 2010

National Front – General Election 2010

April 21, 2010

The following constituencies will now have General Election NF candidates on May 6th.

Tyneside North:
Bob Batten
Hull East: Joe Uttley
Bradford East: Gerry Robinson
Keighley: Steve Smith
Rochdale: Chris Jackson
Rossendale & Darwen: Kevin Bryan
Birmingham Erdington: T. Williams
Birmingham Yardley: Paul Morris
Dudley North: Kevin Inman
Montgomeryshire: Milton Ellis
Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner: Ian Edward
Uxbridge & South Ruislip: Frank McAllister
Hayes & Harlington: Andy Cripps
Tonbridge & Malling: Mike Easter
Maidstone & The Weald: Gary Butler
Faversham & Mid Kent: Graham Kemp
West Ham: To be advised

This list to be updated soon….

Vote National Front on May 6th

National Front 2010


April 17, 2010

The following comrades are standing in the local elections on May 6th 2010.

Birmingham (5 candidates)
Kingstanding: T Williams
Oscott: Keith Axon
Shard End: Mark Neary
Sheldon: Paul Morris
South Yardley: A Davidson

Dudley (2 candidates)
Gornal: Kevin Inman
Sedgley: Ade Woodhouse
North Tyneside (2 candidates)
Howdon: Bob Batten
Longbenton: Mark Nicholls

Newcastle (1 candidate)
Elswick: Simon Biggs

Hull (2 candidates)
Marfleet: Mike Cooper
Myton: Nick Walsh

Hillingdon (3 candidates)
Harefield: Ian Edward
South Ruislip: Frank McAllister
Barnhill: Andy Cripps

Amber Valley (1 candidate)
Langley Mill and Aldercar: Tim Knowles

Rossendale (1 candidate)
Irwell: Kevin Bryan

Shepwey North, Maidstone: Gary Butler

All nomination papers are in and have been accepted
More election news from the NF as it comes in….

National Front 2010

National Front St George’s Day March 2010

April 7, 2010

The West Midlands National Front has obtained permission for a St.George’s Day March through Kingstanding, Birmingham on Saturday 24th April.

The NF is calling on ALL British Nationalists to support this important activity!.

For more details ring 07507878054

National Front 2010.

National Front expected to contest 25+ seats at General Election

April 3, 2010

The NF will soon be announcing its full 2010 General Election candidate line up. At the moment candidates that have been announced include:

Gerry Robinson – Bradford East
Kevin Bryan – Rossendale
Chris Jackson – Rochdale
Bob Batten – Newcastle
Joe Uttley – Hull

A full list will be published here and on the main NF site later this month.
The NF will also be standing in:
West Midlands
East Midlands
West London
Northants, with many more to be announced……
Remember!. When you can cast your vote – vote National Front!

National Front 2010

General and local elections – a message from NF Chairman Ian Edward

March 8, 2010

Just a reminder to all branches/groups who intend to put up candidates at the general election and local elections that you should be making contact with your local elections office to obtain Electoral Registers for where you intend to stand.

While you are there, pick up your nominations pack for local and Parliament elections. These may well be (and probably are) slightly different, but will all require the signatures necessary to stand. I know that some branches are more experienced than others in contesting elections, and forgive me if you think I’m trying to teach you how to suck eggs, but we need to be aware of procedures.

In one London borough, the close of nominations for local/council elections is noon on 8th April. This could be the case nationally, but again check with your local elections office. In your nominations pack there should be a Timetable of Proceedings. I always pin this up on a wall to constantly refer to.

As of today, the General Election has not yet been called, but once it has, we have only 21 days before an election date. So, my advice to you is when you are obtaining signatures for your local council election, get them to sign again on your Parliamentary General Election nominations form. This will put you in an advanced stated of your paperwork and hopefully in front of the game.

As the newly elected Chairman and Nominating Officer, every candidate will require a party certificate of authority signed by myself. Once we know who is standing for election this form can be released by email, fax or post, but please let us know in good time so as to avoid any eleventh hour disasters, as the candidate will be a fit and proper person to represent the National Front.

Start now to organise your leaflet for the Parliamentary General Election, particularly as this will be delivered by the post office. The amount of leaflets and timings of delivery will be available from your local elections office when the election is called, but have your leaflet designed ready as soon as possible. If necessary, we may be able to offer a template leaflet which you will have to add your own details to. Many branches make their own leaflets.

Normally, the post office requires these leaflets to be delivered to them in bundles of 100. Speak to your printer as he can often do this for you, normally at a cost, but in the past I’ve found it worth it. For the general election you will require a deposit of £500 per seat. The party can fund some seats but we need you to let us know!

Well that’s enough for the time being, I think. Your contacts for help and advice are or , or phone and leave a message on 07930 623672.

Good luck ladies and gentlemen. Let’s have a successful campaign and get the campaign rolling.

Ian Edward

National Front 2010