Seven on human trafficking charge in court

October 13, 2010

Five men and two women are to stand trial for their alleged involvement with trafficking migrant workers into the UK. The arrests were made after raids at 21 houses in the Kettering area in 2008, the largest human trafficking operation of its kind.

At an earlier hearing held in April, it was heard that Gurdip Somal, 51, of Cleveland Avenue, Kettering, Manjinder Somal, 45, of Cleveland Avenue, Kettering, Jujhar Singh, 26, of Dickens Drive, Kettering, Feth Bal, 24, of Havelock Street, Kettering, all deny charges of people trafficking for labour.

Santokh Nizzar, 49, from Coventry, and Anna Jemiolo, 25, of Coventry, also deny the charges and Varinder Singh, 29, of Dickens Drive, Kettering, denies money laundering.

The charges were not read out in court, and the defendants were not required to formally plead to the charges they individually face.

Their trial, which is expected to last up to 12 weeks, is due to start at Northampton Crown Court from November 29.

A number of witnesses are due to be brought over from Eastern Europe to give evidence.

The defendants were arrested in November 2008 as a result of Operation Ruby which targeted the trafficking of people into the UK from Slovakia Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary. It was the largest operation of its kind ever staged in the UK.

It is alleged that up to £10 million was laundered through various companies set up to conceal the trafficking.

Diversity, had enough yet?.

National Front 2010

NF to field candidate in Swindon By Election

October 13, 2010

Dear Patriots,

I am proud to announce that the National Front will be standing a candidate in the expected by-election next year. Over the next few months we shall be stepping up our activities in Swindon, especially in the West Swindon area where our candidate Martin Score shall be standing. Any help would be appreciated. If you are interested in helping n our campaign please contact me at 07968335717 or email

Racial Regards
Michael Matthews

National Front 2010

Bid to tackle Polish park drinkers shown the red card

September 21, 2010

AN APPLICATION to spend almost £7,000 on football coaching for a group of Polish men who hang around a park drinking has been refused.
Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) believes that creating a football team would be the best way to deal with the men who spend all day in the summer drinking, urinating and littering at The Hollows in Daventry.

NCC area based co-ordinator Graham Ward had hoped the plan would reduce tension between the Polish park users and other residents, reduce binge drinking, cut down on litter and stop drink-driving.

But yesterday (Wednesday) Daventry District and South Northamptonshire Community Safety Partnership refused the application, which had requested £6,700 to pay for coaching and equipment for the 31-week project.

Mr Ward said: “I’m disappointed the plans were rejected. I’m not sure at the moment whether I’ll put in another application, I’ll have to go away and have a look at it.”

Mr Ward’s original application to the community safety partnership said: “The pattern appears to show a problem starting in the early days of the warm weather and this continues on until the cold weather starts.

“The main nuisance is a group of Polish males who are arriving down at the area around 9am and drinking large amounts of alcohol for the rest of the day.

“Recent evidence suggests that they are arriving by car with alcohol and then leaving by car much later in the day. This group of people are responsible for urinating up against the fences in the park and creating large amounts of litter.”

NCC was planning to arrange the football sessions once or twice a week before entering the team into a local league.

However, the council said police would have had to attend the first few training sessions to ensure the safety of coaching staff.

Inspector Julia Potts, Daventry sector commander, said: “We have a growing community of non-English speaking people that we have to engage with further and I feel this was a positive idea which I support.

“It would have given them something different to do and make proper use of the park. If we can sort out the facilities at the park it might lead to us getting more football sessions on the field for other junior and adult teams as well.”

Chris Dawes, who lives in South Place, has long had problems with people drinking on The Hollows as his house backs onto the playing fields.

He said: “I’m not sure if a football team is the answer, they are not kids. There are loads of other football teams they can join if they want to play so why should we create one for them?

“The problem I’ve got is they are drinking, using my fence as a toilet and leaving smashed bottles in my garden.

“Why can’t The Hollows just be turned into a nice park for families and children? It’s a nice open space and doesn’t need to be a football field.”

A spokesman for NCC said: “By working in partnership to encourage people to use the park for recreation purposes including football it was hoped that it can again become a hub for the local community.”

National Front 2010

White teenager left unconscious after assault

July 17, 2010

Bedfordshire Police are appealing for witness to an attack which left a 15-year-old boy unconscious on Saturday, July 3.

The attack happened at 10.50pm in Church Lane, Bedford near the junction with Needwood Road. The offenders also attempted to rob the young man.

The young victim and his girlfriend were sitting on the ground outside a house in Church Lane by the junction with Needwood Road when two young black men and two white girls approached them and stood in front of them.

One of the males asked for a cigarette but neither the young man nor his girlfriend had one. One of the men then took a mobile phone out of the young girl’s hand, looked at it and threw it back into her lap. One of the young females then asked them if they had any money. When the victim said no they were called liars by one of the men and a girl.

One of the men then walked behind the victim and put his hand into the victim’s right-hand jacket pocket, which was empty, then reached into the victims right-hand rear jeans pocket, which had his mobile phone in it.

The victim pushed the offender’s hand away and stood up. He was then struck to the side of his face and fell onto the ground and lost consciousness for a few seconds. All four offenders then ran off in the direction of Putnoe Lane.

The four young attackers are all described as between 16-18 years old. One black male was “porky” but of muscular build, both were wearing dark clothing.

One of the young girls had blonde hair and the other was skinny with brown hair, both were wearing jeans and shirts.

Detective Matt Clark said: “This was a callous and unprovoked attack which knocked the young man unconscious and could have left him seriously injured. The motive was clearly robbery and these four young people could easily strike again.

“I am are looking for anyone who might have seen this group of four young people,two young black males and two white girls, in the Church Lane, Needham Road area around 10.50pm on Saturday.

“If they recognise them from the description please get in touch before someone else is seriously hurt.”

Anyone with information can contact DC Matt Clark on 01234 271212, or text to 07786 200011 or call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

National Front 2010

Polish Rapist Jailed

July 3, 2010

A violent sex attacker pursued his victim from Poland to England, traced her to her new Northampton home where she was beaten up and raped in the presence of a young child before being stabbed with a pair of scissors.

Krystian Kepinski, aged 26, was serving a prison sentence in his native Poland when his victim took the opportunity to flee to England. But he managed to trace her to Northampton where he subjected her to a violent assault and then raped her.

Northampton Crown Court heard the victim’s young children had been in the property at the time, and one of them was asleep in the same room when Kepinski attacked her.

She was punched and kicked in the head up to 20 times, raped and then stabbed in the leg with a pair of nail scissors.

He was jailed for seven years at Northampton Crown Court having been convicted by a jury last month. It was the second trial he had faced as a jury failed to reach verdicts after an initial trial in February.

His victim, who cannot be named, had known Kepinski in Poland but fled to the UK while he was serving a three-year prison sentence for drug dealing, robbery, assault and extortion. But he was able to trace her and launched the violent attack on June 20 last year.

Kepinski, who served a year in prison on remand, was jailed for seven years, will be on the sex offenders’ register for life and will be deported back to Poland upon his release, although he would be free to re-enter the UK as an EU national !!.

National Front 2010

Cyclist seriously hurt after robbery

June 15, 2010

Police are appealing for witnesses following a robbery in Cambridge in the early hours of this morning (Friday).

At around 2.45am a man was cycling along Northampton Street when he was knocked off his bike. The robber stole his mobile phone and wallet and rode off on the victim’s bike towards Queen’s Road.

The victim suffered serious but not life threatening injuries in the attack and was taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital for treatment. The offender is described as black, in his mid 20s, 6ft with a large afro hairstyle. He was wearing dark clothing.

Det Sgt John Yore, investigating, said: “We would like to hear from anyone who saw the attack or anything suspicious in the area. “We would also like to hear from anyone who recognises the description of the offender.”

Anyone with information should contact Det Sgt John Yore at Parkside Police Station on 0345 456 4564 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

National Front 2010

Coventry builders told to remove England flag “as it might upset people”

June 14, 2010

kier group

Within 20 minutes an England flag going up, a company manager told contractors to take it down.

The furious workers contacted the local paper, with one of them saying: “We want to get behind the lads. There are flags everywhere and we just want to show our support.

“There are Polish lads and Lithuanian lads on site and they don’t mind – there’s been loads of really good banter between everyone.

“The flag lasted about 20 minutes. We were told to take it down because they said it would offend the community.

“It’s just a bit of fun.”

A spokesman for the Kier Group said: “In this instance an operative was asked to remove an England flag from the scaffolding for health & safety reasons.

“There is no directive from Kier that states that England flags should not be displayed on site during the World Cup and the team at Sidney Stringer Academy are currently looking for a safer location to display the flag.”

And just what community was our national flag supposed to be offending? No prizes for guessing!

National Front 2010