The National Front welcomes all White patriots and hopes you will return regularly. This site will be updated regularly with all the latest news and views, articles of interest as well as information about National Front activities and events in the East Midlands.

Over time this website will expand to cover all aspects of the critical battle for our Race and Nation which we are fighting on behalf of the White people of this country every hour of every day .

Who do we need in this battle to make Britain great again and a land fit for future generations to live in?. We need YOU!. We need the ordinary men and women of Britain who are outraged at the way successive traitorous governments have sold out their land and people. The National Front needs White people from all walks of life, regardless of social background to join it in this vital struggle to save our Race and Nation.

Everyone can help in some way. You can give your time to activities and elections or donate to our urgent need for help in making the National Front grow and succeed. The reward for your dedication will be in knowing you are taking part in the struggle for the very survival of our people and of our country.

Young or old, we can all do something to make the National Front, Britain’s longest established and most respected patriotic movement, into a force than can once again give our children and our land real hope for the future.

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