Man jailed for Northampton triple rape attack

Update to the story we featured February 28th.

A man who posed as a good samaritan to a woman outside a Northampton nightclub before abducting and raping her three times has been jailed indefinitely.

Nhalnhoa Monyai told his victim he would help her get home, Northampton Crown Court was told. Instead he drove her to a secluded spot, kept her prisoner and raped her.

Monyai, 30, of Perry Street, previously admitted false imprisonment and three rapes and was jailed for a minimum of four years. His indeterminate imprisonment for public protection (IPP) means he cannot be released until the Parole Board is satisfied he no longer poses a risk.

The court heard he had approached the 22-year-old woman who had become separated from friends in the early hours of 20 February following a night out at NBS nightclub in Bridge Street.

Monyai drove her to a secluded location in Delapre and kept her prisoner for two hours, the court was told. Jamie De Burgos, prosecuting, said the woman’s friends overheard her ordeal on her mobile phone when she tried to ring them.

Monyai grabbed her around the throat and said ‘do not run or shout out or I will kill you’, added Mr De Burgos. The victim pretended to be unconsciousness and to have heart problems, but Monyai continued with the attack.

The court heard he finally let her go in Northampton town centre, where she was found by members of the public. Judge Ian Alexander QC said Monyai described Monyai as “predatory”.

He added: “There is only one piece of mitigation and that is your guilty pleas which have meant that this very unfortunate young woman did not have the indignity or upset of having to give evidence.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating the conduct of officers shortly before the incident took place. The IPCC said CCTV footage showed people near the club apparently raising concerns for the woman’s welfare to police officers.

Notwithstanding the fact that under a National Front government, this animal would not have been in the country to begin with, he would most definitely have hanged for such a vile crime.

National Front 2010


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