General and local elections – a message from NF Chairman Ian Edward

March 8, 2010

Just a reminder to all branches/groups who intend to put up candidates at the general election and local elections that you should be making contact with your local elections office to obtain Electoral Registers for where you intend to stand.

While you are there, pick up your nominations pack for local and Parliament elections. These may well be (and probably are) slightly different, but will all require the signatures necessary to stand. I know that some branches are more experienced than others in contesting elections, and forgive me if you think I’m trying to teach you how to suck eggs, but we need to be aware of procedures.

In one London borough, the close of nominations for local/council elections is noon on 8th April. This could be the case nationally, but again check with your local elections office. In your nominations pack there should be a Timetable of Proceedings. I always pin this up on a wall to constantly refer to.

As of today, the General Election has not yet been called, but once it has, we have only 21 days before an election date. So, my advice to you is when you are obtaining signatures for your local council election, get them to sign again on your Parliamentary General Election nominations form. This will put you in an advanced stated of your paperwork and hopefully in front of the game.

As the newly elected Chairman and Nominating Officer, every candidate will require a party certificate of authority signed by myself. Once we know who is standing for election this form can be released by email, fax or post, but please let us know in good time so as to avoid any eleventh hour disasters, as the candidate will be a fit and proper person to represent the National Front.

Start now to organise your leaflet for the Parliamentary General Election, particularly as this will be delivered by the post office. The amount of leaflets and timings of delivery will be available from your local elections office when the election is called, but have your leaflet designed ready as soon as possible. If necessary, we may be able to offer a template leaflet which you will have to add your own details to. Many branches make their own leaflets.

Normally, the post office requires these leaflets to be delivered to them in bundles of 100. Speak to your printer as he can often do this for you, normally at a cost, but in the past I’ve found it worth it. For the general election you will require a deposit of £500 per seat. The party can fund some seats but we need you to let us know!

Well that’s enough for the time being, I think. Your contacts for help and advice are or , or phone and leave a message on 07930 623672.

Good luck ladies and gentlemen. Let’s have a successful campaign and get the campaign rolling.

Ian Edward

National Front 2010

National Front day of action in Derby

March 1, 2010

Saturday the 27th of Feb saw a day of action in Derby, 10 Derby National Front members turned up to hand out well over 2000 leaflets and 80 Britain first’s. They also signed up 2 new members.

The National Front were very well recieved and hope that they can turn some new enquiries into members. A very good day was had by all and hopefully this will be a regular day in the Derby NF’s calender.

National Front 2010

Secret Labour plan to increase immigration said public’s opposition was ‘racist’

March 1, 2010

Labour ‘wanted social change’, according to a new document. Labour encouraged mass immigration even though it knew that voters opposed it, Whitehall documents confirmed yesterday.

The Government said the public disagreed with immigration because of ‘racism’ and ministers were told to try to alter public attitudes. The thinking on immigration among Labour leaders was set down in 2000 in a document prepared for the Cabinet Office and the Home Office, but the key passages were suppressed before it was published.

The paper was finally disclosed under freedom of information rules yesterday. It showed that ministers were advised that only the ill-educated and those who had never met a migrant were opposed to immigration. They were also told that large-scale immigration would bring increases in crime, but they concealed these concerns from the public.

Sections of the paper, which underpinned Labour policies that admitted between two and three million immigrants to Britain in less than a decade, have already been made public. These have showed that Labour aimed to use immigration not only for economic reasons but also to change the social make-up of the country.
Fuller details released yesterday showed that Tony Blair’s ministers opened the doors to mass migration in knowledge of public opposition and with the view that those who disagreed with them were racists.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has criticised the Government for not telling the truth about their immigration policies. Labour’s accusation that opponents of immigration are racist has been dropped over the last two years as it has become clear that former Labour voters in party heartlands have been turning to the far right British National Party.

Ministers accept there is frustration at the loss of jobs to migrants and pressure on public services. Yesterday Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: ‘The Government has simply not been telling the truth about its policies on immigration.

New controls on immigration are to be relaxed to allow companies to bring in the workers they want. Trade Minister Mervyn Davies said yesterday that Labour’s points-based system, aimed at allowing only the highest skilled workers into Britain, had had ‘teething problems’.

He promised a ‘slightly differently tailored system’ for employees brought into the country by multinational companies. The points-based system, introduced last year, was designed to ease concern over the impact of mass immigration of low-skilled and low-paid workers, particularly in traditional Labour-voting areas.
Success for the scheme is central to Labour’s pledge that the population will not be allowed to reach 70million.

‘More and more evidence is now emerging to show that they deliberately planned a big jump in immigration for their own political purposes. ‘Now they are trying to rewrite history to pretend those decisions never happened. Their conduct over all of this has been a complete disgrace.’

Sir Andrew Green of the Migrationwatch pressure group said: ‘This report confirms that ministers deliberately rode roughshod over public opinion in adopting a policy of mass immigration. ‘They concealed their real intentions in the hope that they would benefit from the immigrant vote without losing their working class supporters. They are now paying the price.’ But Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said: ‘This report confirms there was no open door policy on migration.

‘It makes quite clear that migration is not a substitute for Government policies on skills, education and training of British citizens, which the Government has invested in over the past decade.’ David Cameron promised yesterday to limit immigration to tens of thousands a year, a level last seen in the 1990s.

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Leicester health club employee sexually assaulted female clients

March 1, 2010

A spa therapist who sexually assaulted four women during massages was jailed yesterday for six years. Batini Mpofu, 32, groped three guests and a staff member in sessions at Ragdale Hall, a £200-a-night converted country house in Leicestershire.

His trial heard that when one 27-year-old victim complained she was ‘fobbed off’ with a voucher for a free massage. He offered one woman a ‘taster’ of a full body massage before pushing her knickers aside and touching her intimately, and told another victim: ‘You love being touched. I can see it on your face.’

When the woman, 27, told Mpofu she was staying at the hotel with her boyfriend the masseur replied: ‘If your boyfriend could see me doing this to you he wouldn’t be very happy.’

A trial last month heard that when the woman complained to managers at Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire, voted best ‘destination spa’ in Europe three years ago, she was ‘fobbed off’ with a voucher for a free massage as compensation.

She told the jury: ‘The way I felt, I didn’t want another massage. I never took it up’. The woman later wrote to complain but the hotel wrote back claiming the incident had been ‘an unfortunate misunderstanding.’

A jury took less than an hour to convict him of five counts of sexual assault after hearing how the three guests and a female staff member gave similar accounts of their ordeals, even though none of them knew each other.

One of the women said Mpofu, a Zimbabwean who was granted asylum in the UK, that he was in an ‘obvious’ aroused state after he touched her intimately and told he she was ‘very toned’.

He was arrested when the woman called police from the hotel, which is set in a refurbished stately home and boasts an underwater gym and volcanic salt bath, to report the assault.

Jailing him at Northampton Crown Court today, Judge Charles Wide QC told Mpofu: ‘This was a serious breach of trust. ‘You were in a professional relationship with your clients. You should have behaved professionally and they were entitled to trust you to do so but you broke that trust.

‘They were in a very vulnerable situation alone in a room with a massage therapist and you abused that position and did so repeatedly.’

The judge said the case ‘raised the question’ of whether procedures at Ragdale Hall provided sufficient safeguards for clients who were being intimately massaged. He also questioned the spa’s procedures for dealing with complaints from clients.

The trial heard his third victim, the member of staff, told a supervisor how Mpofu slid his hands into her trousers whilst massaging her during a break in her shift, but didn’t think she had been believed.

She told the jury at the Leicester Crown Court trial: ‘When I told her (the supervisor) she just said ‘ Are you sure?’ then asked if he fancied me.

Today the court was told that a fifth alleged victim had come forward after reading newspaper coverage of the trial. Vanessa Marshall, prosecuting, said Mpofu was expected to face a further charge in relation to the fifth woman next Monday.

The perverted therapist, whose partner attended the sentencing hearing yesterday and is believed to be standing by him, was also given a Sexual Offences Prevention Order banning him from working as a therapist in the future.

Mpofu, of Western Park, Leicester, had denied five counts of sexual assault between July 2007 and September 2008. The chairman of Ragdale Hall Michael Isaacs apologised following the conviction and said: ‘Batini Mpofu abused the trust placed in him by guests and colleagues alike.

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