Police launch inquiry after rape in Northampton

February 28, 2010

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating the conduct of officers in Northampton shortly before a woman was raped after leaving a nightclub feeling unwell in the early hours of Saturday morning..

The woman said she was was led away by a man from near NBs nightclub in the early hours of Saturday. She was driven to a secluded spot and repeatedly raped.

The IPCC said CCTV footage showed people near the club apparently raising concerns for the woman’s welfare to police officers. IPCC Commissioner Amerdeep Somal said: “We will be looking into what, if anything, those officers did to try to ensure her safety.”

It also shows members of the public approaching police officers and apparently raising concerns for the woman’s welfare, the IPCC said. Commissioner Amerdeep Somal said: “We are examining the actions of those officers who saw the victim shortly before her horrific ordeal began.

“It is clear from CCTV that this woman was in a very vulnerable state and we will be looking into what, if anything, those officers did to try to ensure her safety.

“We are particularly keen to speak to anybody who may have spoken to the woman, or drawn the attention of officers to her while she was sitting outside the nightclub.”

Nhalnhoa Monyai, 30, an asylum seeker from South Africa living in Northampton, appeared before Northampton magistrates, charged with three counts of rape. He was remanded in custody until 12 March.

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Man needs plastic surgery after Edgware kebab house attack

February 28, 2010

A MAN suffered “horrific” injuries when he was smashed across the face with a bottle while getting a kebab in Edgware. The victim needs plastic surgery to repair the damage to his nose and mouth after he was attacked outside Edgware Kebabs, in Whitchurch Lane.

While waiting for his food to arrive, he was approached by a black man who demanded he hand over money which the man refused to do. As the 35-year-old left the kebab shop and headed back to his car, which was parked in nearby Handel Way, he noticed the attacker lying in wait for him.

But before the man could get into his car, a green 4×4, the attacker dragged him to the ground and struck him over the back of the head with a bottle. Stunned by the attack, the victim looked up and the smashed bottle was jabbed into his face, leaving him with severe cuts to his face which will need plastic surgery to fix.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack, which happened at around 7.35pm on Wednesday, February 17. DI Lee Dempster, who is leading the investigation, said: “This was a very nasty attack, totally unprovoked and seems quite premeditated.

“I think his injuries are horrific – he has a scar running from the bottom of his nose through to his lips. “I would urge anybody who was in the area and saw the attack to come forward.”

As the injured man lay on the ground, his attacker demanded money again, and he handed over £3. The attacker then ran away towards Buckingham Road. Police were out in the area last night handing out leaflets appealing for witnesses to come forward.

The attacker has medium to dark skin, he is believed to beaged around 20-years-old, and is around 5ft 6inchs tall. Police say he was wearing a black baseball cap, a white jumped, a dark waist-length coat, jeans and white trainers.

Anyone with information can contact DI Dempster on 0208 733 5407, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

National Front 2010

Northants BNP smear against the National Front

February 22, 2010

Northants BNP has done a better hatchet job on a disillusioned former member than the socialist NUJ could have ever done, even citing the NUJ in it’s baseless, fictitious response to Daventry BNP candidate Dave Jones crossing over to the National Front in protest at the BNP’s recent constitutional changes.

Not content with simply attacking the National Front in principle which may perhaps arguably have been fair game in political terms, they quite unnecessarily and maliciously attack the personality, honesty and integrity of one of their own former members and dedicated candidates. There is no depth that certain people within the BNP will not plumb in an attempt to discredit those that question the party line. Note that Walker is careful not to mention Dave Jones by name in order to avoid any accusation of libel in his wholly scurrilous article.

We are told that a reaction from Daventry is forthcoming, meanwhile this is what Rob Walker wellingborough@bnp.org.uk, the BNP West Northants organizer wrote in his Northants Patriot blog.

The National Front (NF) are attempting to recruit members of the BNP that are unhappy with the decision taken by the vast majority of the BNP membership that took the time to attend the EGM, to allow non-white members to join the party. Whilst those on the far-right, like the NF claim that the BNP have sold out, the NUJ run media say that the BNP are the same as ever and that they have not changed. So which is it to be?

The following announcement appeared as part of a posting on the NF website on Sunday 14th February:

…the NF is pleased to announce that the Daventry Branch of the BNP has seen sense and defected to the National Front. The reason for this is because they are allowing non-Whites join the BNP.

Firstly, I would like to counter this lie. The Daventry Branch of the BNP could not join the NF as there is not, and never has been, a Daventry Branch of the BNP. There has never even been a Daventry group. The Daventry BNP Contact has joined the NF. As a contact for the BNP he failed to convert a single enquiry into a member. The person concerned has stood on a couple of occasions in Drayton Ward for the BNP, on one occasion obtaining an impressive 31.2% of the poll. However, this was only achieved with the activists that came from across the county to help him out. The number of activists in Daventry can be counted on the fingers of a man with no fingers. It is expected that the NF will contest Drayton ward in the Daventry District Council elections later this year but it’ll be interesting to see exactly how many leaflets get delivered. Last year in the run up to the County Council elections, Northants BNP had to organise a day of action in Daventry, 18 activists turned up and blanketed Drayton ward and another we were intending to contest. And our contact had the nerve to say he did not receive any support. Had he done the job of recruiting members we would not have had to divert people away from other areas.

Despite several meetings being set up in Daventry for members of the BNP in the town these were always arranged and set up by the Northants Branch, the contact did not arrange anything. The person concerned claimed elsewhere on the NF website that the vote at the EGM was a done deal and that BNP members did not get any notice of where the meeting was being held. This claim is another lie as I personally sent an e-mail to the person concerned, as I did every other member of the party in the county that I have an e-mail address for. The report on the NF website goes on to say that the person concerned is now the Daventry organiser for the NF. If he is as much use as an organiser for the NF in Daventry as he was a Contact for the BNP then we are better off without him. Contacts, and organisers, need to be proactive, answer telephone calls and e-mails and not expect that someone else will do the work for them, you only get out what you are prepared to put in.

UPDATE 02/03/2010
It would appear from the latest article by Wellingborough BNP organizer Rob Walker that the Daventry BNP group that doesn’t exist and has no members and therefore could not possibly have defected to the National Front, have in fact only now set up their own web site called……… yes, you guessed it, Daventry BNP.

This is what Walker now says on his Northants Patriot blog: “Mark Twain once said “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”, and so it seems this is the case of Daventry BNP, who have now launched their own website. This is despite, according to the NF website on the 14th February of the wholesale defection to the NF of Daventry BNP. Meanwhile the East Midlands NF blog has attacked me for telling the truth about the defection and in doing so have essentially confirmed the fact that I have told the truth, it is just one individual and not a ‘whole branch’ that has joined the party.

Make up your own mind about who is telling lies and who contradicts who.
Rob Walker can’t seem to even agree with himself about the facts of the matter.

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Asian TV millionaire set to join the BNP

February 22, 2010

A TYCOON who starred on TV’s Secret Millionaire is joining the British National Party to RILE them – because he is Asian.

Mo Chaudry, 49, will formally apply today – days after the BNP had to change its whites-only constitution because it breached equality laws.

The Pakistan-born businessman, who is worth £60million, admitted last night: “I will not be welcomed with open arms.” Despite blasting the party as racist, he vowed: “I want to stand up and be counted – and expose the BNP for what they are.

“I want to antagonise them and attend their meetings, find out what makes them tick.”

Muslim Mo, who made his fortune from water parks, appeared on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire in December. He handed out cash to worthy causes in the Asian community of Leeds.

The dad of three, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, said: “I live near Stoke, which is becoming a BNP stronghold – and don’t want it being known as a racist city.”


The National Front is truly ON THE MOVE!

February 16, 2010

National Front enquiries have reached a new record high.

Since the recent spate of TV publicity and the problems with the once Nationalist BNP, enquiries to the National Front have sailed to a new record high over recent times. Since Friday, the enquiries from the party’s main web site alone have topped the one hundred mark. This is besides those going into our Solihull HQ and those going straight to local units.

Membership too is sharply up with a 70% rise in renewals and new membership applications.

The National Front, truly on the move…

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Daventry BNP defect’s to NF

February 16, 2010
Andy Gray, the East Midlands Regional Organiser of the NF is pleased to announce that the Daventry Branch of the BNP has seen sense and defected to the National Front. The reason for this is because they are allowing non-Whites join the BNP.

Being true nationalists they saw that the NF was the only real racial-Nationalist party left to represent them. We would like to welcome them on board and if anyone else in the area is interested in joining them please contact Dave Jones at daventrynf@yahoo.co.uk

We are also in talks with other BNP branches in the East Midlands about coming over to the NF, I urge all members of the BNP to come over to the NF now as we are the only party left that truly represents the White people of Britain.

National Front 2010


February 16, 2010

The National Front welcomes all White patriots and hopes you will return regularly. This site will be updated regularly with all the latest news and views, articles of interest as well as information about National Front activities and events in the East Midlands.